About Roy Doty

Winner of the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Illustrator of the Year Award for 2006, for more than forty years, Roy Doty's humorous cartoon Illustrations have appeared on packages and book covers, as print advertising in glossy magazines, and in syndication. They have appeared in campaigns for not-for-profit organizations and on television. Each Doty design is unique and has a life of its own.

Doty's drawings have been used to brand major products, and his client list reads like a "Who's Who in the World of American Business." He has won innumerable design awards from his peers, and many additional awards from The National Cartoonists Society, where there is a Roy Doty biography.

While you may not immediately recognize the Doty signature, you're bound to recognize his style, with its emphasis on clean uncluttered lines, and his marvelous whimsy and attention to small details—which is to say that you've probably seen this popular American cartoon artist's work on any number of occasions.

Doty has over 60 books for children and adults to his credit, many of which he has written himself. His take on the contemporary American scene is classic and nothing short of amazing.

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